Community Development Network (CDN), Women Saving Groups Network and the Youth Technical Network:

It is a partners network, about 70-80 partner NGOs/CBOs from all over Pakistan regularly participate in the meetings. As the venue is rotated among partners there is the opportunity to understand each others work and share the developments. Increasing link up, understanding of each others work and supporting it, strengthening joint advocacy in influencing policy and understanding some larger issues and solutions are the dynamics of the process. Besides updates on partner’s works, several new participating organizations introduce their work. Increasing participation of women and youths has been observed. The 39 th CDN meeting was held in Mar’15, at Ghotki, hosted by HWA. About 44 partner organizations and some local groups attended. Parallel to the CDN t he Youth Technical Network also held its 12 th meeting, 15 youths from 9 organisations attended, some details are in section 2.3 of the 141st Quarterly progress report. The 40 th CDN meeting is scheduled to be held in Soan valley, in Aug’15, to be hosted by partner SVDP. The Fifteenth Dr. Akhter Hameed Khan Development Forum was held last period. The theme was Dr. Akhter Hameed Khan – Impacts of his thoughts and action on community development. Speakers were Arif Hasan, Anwar Rashid and Tasneem Siddiqui.

Women's Savings program and the Asia Groups Sharing

Asia groups sharing (sponsored by the Slum Dwellars International) with its 6 th meeting held in Nepal in Feb'13 has inspired women saving groups here. In the meetings community activists (mostly women) got the opportinuty to learn from and share their work with groups from Nepal, India, SriLanka and the Phillippines. Strengthening of existing, mostly, women's savings groups and mobilizing new ones has become a part of OPP-RTI and some of its partners work. In addition to the saving groups of school owners which are part of the education program (detailed in section 6) of the 141st Quarterly progress report, some existing groups andnew, mostly women and youth saving groups have been mobilized in Karachi, (also by partner TTRC), DG Khan (by partner GDO), Jampur (by partner NSF, PWF and RF), Layyah by partner GDO, IDSP South Punjab (facilitated by partner Hamet), Naushehra Feroz (by partner IRADO), Matiari (by partner SHED), Dadu (by partner BDF) and New Saeedabad (by partner AMRDO) Sakrand (by partner WWO), Sinjhoro (by partner RAWDO), sanghar (by partner SWDSO), Samaro (by partner SRDO), Shahdadpur (by partner ZHO). Last period reports were not received from saving groups of partners HWA, IEWS, QDO, WDA, Race and Allakh. More groups are being mobilized. In the 208 groups 4,641 members have saved total Rs. 9.66 million. To facilitate the coming together, meetings of the saving groups are held at OPP-RTI and at the partner organizations venues as well as parallel to the CDN meetings.