Community Development Network (CDN) and the Youth Technical Network:

It is a partners network, about 70-80 partner NGOs/CBOs from all over Pakistan regularly participate in the meetings. As the venue is rotated among partners there is the opportunity to understand each others work and share the developments. Increasing link up, understanding of each others work and supporting it, strengthening joint advocacy in influencing policy and understanding some larger issues and solutions are the dynamics of the process. Besides updates on partner’s works, several new participating organizations introduce their work. Increasing participation of women and youths has been observed. The 42nd CDN meeting was held in Oct’16, at Islamabad hosted by IRRC. About 43 partner organizations and some local groups attended. Parallel to the CDN the Youth Technical Network also held its 13th meeting, 17 youths from 10 organisations attended. The 43rd CDN meeting is scheduled to be held in Karachi, in Jan 2017 to be hosted by OPP-RTI-Institutions.

Women's Savings program and the Asia Groups Sharing

Initiated in 2009 (sponsored by the Slum Dwellers International) with its 6th meeting held in Bangkok in Feb’13 has inspired women saving groups here. In the meetings community activists (mostly women) got the opportunity to learn from and share their work with groups from Nepal, India, SriLanka and the Phillippines. Strengthening of existing, mostly, women’s savings groups and mobilizing new ones has become a part of OPP-RTI and some of its partners

Program expansion and linkup:
Some existing groups and new, mostly women and youth saving groups have been mobilized in Karachi, (also by partner TTRC), DG Khan (by partner GDO), Jampur (by partner NSF, PWF New Saeedabad (by partner AMRDO) Sakrand (by partner WWO), Sinjhoro (by partner RAWDO), Sanghar (by partner SWDSO), Samaro (by partner SRDO), Shahdadpur (by partner ZHO). In the 106 groups 2,788 members have saved total Rs. 9.591 million. Within the groups emergency loans (mostly for health and education) and some for livelihood have been initiated. In 2010, 10 groups, small matching grants of mostly Rs. 30,000 were provided as support, (when the groups savings reached more than Rs. 40,000). This support was ceased in 2011 to improve the group’s sustainability and decrease the dependency on OPP-RTI. To facilitate the saving groups, OPP-RTI’s team organize meetings with the members regularly. 6 meetings were held this quarter; 1 with the existing group and 5 to organize new women saving groups 1) Hanifabad, 2) Gabol colony, 3) Shah Waliullah Nagar in Orangi town, 4) Lyari Basti, 5) Saifal goth, Ayub goth and 6) Nasrat Nagar in Gadap town. Contact re-established with one women saving group in Moach Goth, Keamari town; has requested support for 3 units through the HS&L Program. To facilitate women, forming new saving groups; one day training on record keeping was organized for the heads of 7 saving groups.

The micro-credit program has been initiated by OPP-OCT in the Women Saving Groups in goths of Karachi with a loan amount of Rs. 15,000 for personal purposes. 46 members of the 3 saving groups; Rose, Life saving & Saifal Maree saving group have been supported. Recovery is on time.

Food security program has formed link with the WSP to motivate women on kitchen gardening through training and model implementation. 9 trainings have been organized on kitchen gardening with 243 women from the saving groups in Orangi town.

A new initiative to support members of the saving groups on vocational activities. 16 young girls were trained on embroidery skills through a 4 day training workshop. Plan is to provide sources of income to women to strengthen saving groups.


Savings Group in Karachi and Outside Karachi – Nov’2016


Total Groups

Total Members

Total Amount

Out Side Karachi

* 33 Women’s groups, 1 youth group, 2 general groups.
+ 67 Women’s groups, 3 general groups.